What to do if your husband said he is a cuckold?

What to do if your husband said he is a cuckold?

  13 Mar 2024


Interracial cuckolding is a sexual fetish. In general, cuckolding is a fairly common sexual fantasy not only of men, but also of women. It is based on the fact that a partner or husband allows his wife to have intimate relationships with other men. These actions are voluntary and are designed to bring pleasure to both partners, as well as to diversify the couple’s sex life. If you did not know about such a fetish, and your husband confessed to you that he wanted to try such entertainment, what should you do?

He is a cuckold. Why?

This fetish is quite common and there are many forums for amateur interracial cuckolding. These places are good because you can find any information specifically on this topic here. Users are discussing something every minute, and there is a chance that the question is bothering you already have a ready-made answer.

So, a «cuckold» is a name for men who get aroused when their partner has sex with another man. This lover is called the «bull». Cuckolding is a unique fetish that is very diverse. For each couple it can be completely special, depending on what the partners like.

How can a cuckold fetish be expressed? These could be different scenarios. Some couples do not go far in realizing the fantasy; for example, your husband is content with your stories about past sexual relationships. Someone might just be flirting at a bar while their husband watches. When it comes to actions, that is, sex and dating other men, then there are several models:

  • cuckold can watch sex;
  • he can command or, on the contrary, be in a subordinate position;
  • he can take part in sex.

The reasons why men like it may vary. Some people enjoy being humiliated because it gives them sexual pleasure. Therefore, cuckolding in a couple for such men can fulfill this desire completely safely, together with their partner.

In addition, it is associated with competition and feelings of jealousy. After all, a man experiences a surge in libido when he feels threatened that his woman may conceive offspring with another man.

And of course, breaking taboos is a powerful aspect of interracial cuckolding. After all, violation of the ban on interracial sex and intimate relationships of a woman not with her husband have always been criticized. And breaking established rules is always so hot!

Who is cuckolding suitable for?

If your couple likes this kind of sexual fantasy, then this will be a great option to diversify your sex life. For some couples, bringing something new into an already stagnant relationship. Cuckolding is one of the ways to explore your sexuality and maintain pleasure as a couple.

This is entertainment for those couples who know how to talk to each other, share their fantasies, trust and respect each other. Since cuckolding is associated with some role reversal in marriage, you need to be able to create clear boundaries about what you and your partner are willing to do. After all, having a fantasy in your head is not the same as seeing it performed live at all.

Any couple can choose the cuckolding scenario they are ready for. And the main thing is discussion and listening skills. But no matter what option you think is super hot, you need to be willing to give it up if it doesn’t suit your partner.

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