Tips to get a hard and thick erection

  03 Jun 2020

11 Secrets for a Harder Erection and a Mind-Blowing Orgasm | Best Life

Men failing to satisfy women end up with divorce and end of relationships. For a better sex life, men are expected to have a strong and thick erection. But because of various reasons, there are many men that are incapable to achieve that hard erection and hold it for a long until and unless they reach the climax. Obesity, stress, malnutrition, and lack of rest are responsible for the issue. Trying sex with a silicone sex doll can help to get a hard erection as the doll doesn’t expect you to be a super performer.

Weight lose

Men suffering from increased body weight often suffer from various sexual disorders primarily erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low rate of testosterone formation, and the loss of libido. Many many obese men fail to get the harder erection.

Uplift lifestyle

It is not always that men suffer from this issue for the physical reasons. Sometimes, the unhealthy lifestyle such as improper diet, lack of time maintenance, addictions etc are also equally responsible for this sexual disorder in many men.

 Therefore, most therapists suggest their clients visiting them with similar problem to improve their lifestyle by adding more nutritious food in their daily meal and to add food and supplements in their diet that helps in enhancing their sexual capabilities by helping them to get harder erection during sex.

Relaxation and sufficient sleep

 It is always suggested to balance the professional and the personal life. Men that tend to work for the extra hours often lose their interest in sex as they are enslaved by the growing fatigue and stress. To avoid such consequences, they should get proper sleep and gather energy naturally to improve their sex life. Having sex dolls or ai sex robots by the bed can give men a strong morning erection.

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