The dirty secret of remote job

The dirty secret of remote job

  12 Feb 2021

BUREAU LIFE – Taking advantage of the “bargain” offered by telecommuting, it is under the palm trees that they now respond to their emails. By detaching employees from their offices, the Covid-19 pandemic has drawn their attention to this way of life, long reserved for the self-employed.

The number of these new types of bulldozers, most often young and working closely or remotely in digital-related fields, is difficult to estimate but in the millions. An economic windfall that countries are looking to exploit.

Steve King, an analyst at research firm Emergent Research, estimates that the only American digital nomads were 10.9 million in 2020, using a broad definition of the term. This is 33% more than the previous year.

Tourists “exemplary”

“I’ve always wanted to live in another country to see what it’s like,” says Sharon (name changed), 28. This American woman who works in data management has set her sights on Mexico City, seduced by the “weather” and the “freedom to organize”.

What they don’t tell you

While workers work online, they also visit porn websites and cam girl websites like livejasmin. The webmaster told us than many male members of webcam models worked from home so that they could visit chat rooms of webcam models during their free time.

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