Dating in Sydney

Dating in Sydney

  23 Aug 2021

Dating in Sydney can be a challenge with people going out all the time.  It is a never ending carousel of events, pubs and clubs looking for that person who does not fall into a stereotype or cliche.   This article gives tips on how to stand out from the rest of those simply trying to have fun on their night off.

1) Dress nice: When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good anything is possible. It has been scientifically proven by Pavlov, though he forgot to mention that it also applies to women.

2) Keep it simple: Try not to over complicate things by obsessing over your first date outfit choice and flowing style will help you flow through the night. Remember, it’s all about simplicity not complicating things with another person.

3) Cheesy pick up lines are so cheesy they have become popular again: When in doubt use a cheesy pick up line to break the ice or remind someone of how much fun you could be having.  Practice these two until your heart feels them and just let the words pour out naturally when time comes to use them.

4) Don’t overdo it: Everyone has that friend who goes too far, sometimes to an extreme where you feel sorry for them being by themselves. Avoid being that guy/girl by keeping it simple and casual, there is no need to put on airs you are trying too hard because you are trying too hard.

5) Flirt: Do not underestimate the power of flirting when it comes to picking up members of the opposite sex, or even same sex when you flip your wig (we mean wig in this instance).  By flirting with everything that moves you will give yourself an advantage over other people who would consider themselves unlucky if they attracted anything more than a wave from their target.

6) Be confident: Confidence is key when out on a date. When you feel good about yourself and project that into the world, others will see it and be drawn to you like moths to a flame. This does not mean bragging about how many women or men you have dated in the past or any other materialistic trait that may place you in a higher pedestal than your date would expect you to be upon.

7) Make sure they know what to wear: Once they accept your offer, direct them back to this article and have them read it before the night comes around. It will ensure that they are up-to-date with Sydneys hottest fashion trends as well as being ready for anything on those cold winter nights.  People love people who make their lives easier and if they don’t, simply move on to someone who does appreciate your efforts at making their life better without sound like a selfless saint doing so.

8) Last but not least: Don’t drink too much, otherwise the rest of this list will not make sense to you the next morning.  By all means drink if that is your thing, but drinking too much will result in you saying or doing something that could potentially ruin the rest of your night and future nights with this person who may turn out to be your soul mate after all.

Follow these tips to ensure the best possible time when dating in Sydney.

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