4 Vital Questions to Ask Before Buying from A Sex Store in Singapore

4 Vital Questions to Ask Before Buying from A Sex Store in Singapore

  26 Oct 2022

Feeling a little overwhelmed when shopping for a sex toy is normal—as there are thousands of options. You can get creative with dildos, penis pumps, bullet vibrators, wand vibrators, oral sex simulators, and the new Lovense. Should you get the bigger size? Are leather ones more appealing to you than rubber ones? How do their low costs affect their performance? These are the sorts of things most people think about when they’re in the market for a sex toy.

1. What’s your budget?

The more expensive the toy, the more features it will have and the more extraordinary the sensations it will provide, but you don’t have to go into debt to enjoy yourself with male/female sex toys. It’s not impossible to make do with limited resources. Choose a low-priced toy over an expensive one to have more room for experimentation. Rather than spending a lot of money on one toy you might not like, it’s better to try a few different inexpensive options.

2. Which type of lubricant suits you?

There are two main types of lubricant, silicone and water-based, and they both improve the sliding ability of your dildos and anal beads. A silicone lubricant is generally longer-lasting and water resistant. A water-based lubricant can be used on any surface and is simple to clean up after application. It is best to check the toy’s packaging or product details if you are unsure of the material. But lubricants based on water are a sure bet.

3. How do you clean your toy?

Bacteria can multiply quickly in a penis pump, so make sure to disinfect your toy after each use. Use a sex toy cleaner and a damp cloth, being careful around the buttons or battery cover if your toy isn’t waterproof. You can rinse it under the faucet if it is waterproof. Cleaning toys is easy; all you need is some mild antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner made for the task. Make sure your toy is completely dry before putting it away.

4. How do you store your toy?

Store them in a cool, enclosed place to prevent them from discolouration. Due to the potential for a chemical reaction, you must keep your growing collection of male sex toys in separate containers. Do not worry; a simple storage bag is all that is required.

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